February 28, 2024

April 6th "Huddle Up! for the Kids for A Night of Inspiration and Support for Tampa Bay's Youth

Located in the House of Athlete, this will be a night of excitement that you won't forget! Don't fumble your chance to be part of this event.

"Huddle Up! For the Kids" - Uniting for a Cause

Join us on April 6th at the esteemed House of Athlete for a spectacular evening where dedication and generosity meet at "Huddle Up! For the Kids." Be a part of an inspirational night led by Anthony “Booger” McFarland, aimed at supporting and empowering Tampa Bay's youth.

Coordinator Sponsors: Leading the Charge

  • AAAmerican Container: Pledging robust support and strength, reflecting their commitment to reliability.
  • Adam Besnard: Stepping forward with dedication, symbolizing strategic guidance for our youth's future.
  • Besnard Insurance: Protecting and investing in our community's wellbeing with their significant contribution.
  • Chris and Lauren Schellman Giving Fund: Generously providing resources to fuel our mission for change.
  • CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen): Offering their financial acumen to ensure the success of this pivotal event.

Position Coach Sponsors: Building the Framework

  • Crossroads for Kids / Rosemary Armstrong and Sandy Weinberg: Bringing their guidance and mentorship to our efforts.
  • Shook, Hardy & Bacon: Advocating for the youth with their strong commitment to legal insight and community support.
  • Triad: Strategically collaborating to create a lasting impact on the lives of the children we serve.

Scout Sponsors: On the Lookout for Potential

  • Practice PBC: Recognizing the promise within our community and backing it with their support.
  • Aviso Law Firm: Legal experts scouting for opportunities to invest in our youth's potential.
  • JW Consulting: Consulting excellence put to work in aid of future generations.
  • Chris & Helen Horan: Committed to the health and wellness of our community's children.
  • David and Gretchen Whalen: Personal commitment to the cause, uplifting young lives with their pledge.
  • USF: University of South Florida joining the ranks with their community-centric vision.

This event isn't just a fundraiser; it's a vibrant testament to what we can achieve for our youth when we come together. With gourmet "Stadium-Style" concessions, unique paddle raise events, and the chance to mingle with sporting greats, this night is set to be a highlight in the charity event season.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to each of our sponsors for their unwavering support. It's because of your pledges that we can make a significant difference in the lives of the children we mentor.

For more information on the event, tickets, or to join these esteemed sponsors in making a difference, please visit the ticketing and sponsors page. Let's make April 6th a day to remember – huddle up for the kids and support a brighter future!