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"No Matter What" Fund

What is our "No Matter What" Fund?

This fund is the foundational support for the commitment we make to each of the Children we serve. 12 ½ Years, No Matter What!

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We pay a living wage to our Friends. These are professional, trained, trauma-informed, long-term mentors that deliver high-caliber, life-changing guidance to the Youth we serve.

We allocate dollars to Youth activities, such that Friends can incorporate periodic meals, events and other fun and educational activities into their outings.

We stage Community events, whereby we seek to gather Youth, Friends and Families/Caregivers together to promote interaction, camaraderie and bonding around common challenges, opportunities and achievements.

We are part of a National organization. Our participation includes us in research that validates our long-term mentoring model and gives us access to our National data platform that allows us to track every interaction and report on our Youth's progress towards success.

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