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Critical Needs Fund

What is a Critical Needs Fund?

A Critical Needs Fund is allocated funding used to serve families in our program who are facing emergency, time-sensitive incidents.

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Friends of the Children - Tampa Bay Critical Needs Fund is a source of funding designated to aid our families in various times of need. As unexpected situations and emergencies arise, Friends - Tampa Bay is committed to removing barriers related to transportation, housing, and short-term medical needs. The Critical Needs Fund will aid in reducing the risk of additional financial setbacks that can have a ripple effect causing food gaps, lack of mandatory school essentials, increased health risks, unsanitary conditions, behavioral issues, etc.

Barriers related to Transportation may include lack of vehicle, inability to maintenance personal vehicles or limited public transportation.

Barriers related to Housing may include a need for temporary housing and difficulty navigating the system to access housing assistance.

Barriers related to Medical needs may include lapse in medical coverage, or high insurance costs and inadequate reimbursement.

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All donations made to this fund will be used at the discretion of Friends - Tampa Bay.