April Schmit

Professional Mentor

April Schmit is a Friend based in Pinellas and Pasco counties. Graduating with a degree in Social Work, April has taken on different roles to partner with people to see change or assist through transitions. From working with court-ordered anger management groups to adults with developmental disabilities, people diagnosed with a mental illness seeking employment, those facing possible houselessness, to teens in foster care transitioning to adulthood, April has learned she prefers developing a long-term partnership with people to see change and growth. Friends of the Children, as an organization, combines values that are important to April and some of what she enjoys in Social Work. April is grateful for how Friends of the Children works to build trusting partnerships through consistent relationships, focuses on prevention to some big issues, provides time to create change and witness growth, aims to empower youth and families, and allows for flexibility and creativity. In addition to working with our youth, April enjoys photography and other arts, spending time in nature, and being active outdoors. If she had a yard, she would have a garden and a dog.

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